Fume Extractors - Welding Fume extraction kits

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Welding, plasma and Oxy Cutting fume extractors

Welding fume extraction is a must have for safe, effective and efficient steel, stainless and aluminium metal fabrication and cutting processes in manufacturing, fabrication and engineering environments.

Welders are faced with risks from dangerous fumes and metal particles that result in time off work for illness or even early retirement. The various welding processes give rise to different amounts of fumes containing various concentrations of hazardous substances. The smaller the particles, the more dangerous they become because they are easier to breathe in deeply in the lungs. The amount of welding fumes that are formed depend upon the type of welding and materials used.  

QWS offers a full assortment of portable, mobile, fixed, stationary, centrally ducted and custom engineered solutions to control and eliminate welding fume and cutting smoke within production facilities from common welding processes, including MIG, TIG, flux core and manual metal arc welding.

With years of welding fume success, QWS can provide a review of your current situation, fume system recommendations, implementation plans, fume system design, engineering and installation. They can also provide product and system support, commissioning, diagnostic and service maintenance programs, upgrading older extraction systems, assistance with meeting clean air quality regulations and standards, and energy efficient solutions. 

Plasma cutting fume extraction

Thermal cutting methods include Plasma cutting, oxy-fuel, air carbon arc gouging and laser cutting. These processes vary from small to large applications. High heat, molten metal and fume particulate are some of the by-products of working with these processes. Fume extraction systems can be very  different from one application to the next, however in many cases, the fumes generated from the cutting process are extracted through grid shaped work benches known as downdraft tables. Other options include extraction at source capturing and overhead hoods or updraft fume systems.

What is Extraction at source

Extraction at source is the method of removing smoke or fume right at the source, which involves the ues of fume extraction welding torches or smoke funnels that can be inside the welding or cutting work and remove the smoke before it leaves the immediate area, which is often the most cost-effective way to collect and remove fumes. Choosing the most effective solution for your workplace and knowing your upfront costs is critical! QWS offers finance packages on many varied solutions for getting rid of fumes, smoke and particles. Think carefully about what you are going to use extraction for and how often you will use it.


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