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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
                                                                                          — Mahatma Gandhi

QWS Welding Supply Solutions is living our beliefs of care, compassion and the spirit of helping, not only to our customers, staff, suppliers, but also to our community and to the rest of the world in times of need.

Here below are a few ways QWS shares our passion of “Giving Back” with our partners in Community support, Education, Emergency services and beyond.

RRT Rapid Relief Team

RRT offers tangible support and quality catering assistance to community, charities, governments and emergency services in confronting some of humankind’s greatest challenges. RRT adapts their benevolent support services to meet the need at hand. Whether it be flood, fire, drought, wars or even a global pandemic, RRT volunteers bring hope to people in their time of need.

 Founded on Christian principles of care and compassion, our army of volunteers operate from the heart to serve people in need. Their Christian values and beliefs are central to everything we do, because we know that faith-based action can change the lives of people who need it most. QWS invests thousands of dollars annually to this immense community program.

QWS head office

Oneschool Global

OneSchool Global is a truly global school, with an innovative approach to learning, delivered in cutting-edge, technology-empowered physical and digital learning environments, OneSchool Global is preparing life-ready students who learn how to learn.

Our self-directed learning model places students at the centre of all that we do. We challenge traditional and dated pedagogy and embrace technology to deliver the best possible learning outcomes for our students.

 OneSchool Global is a school that lives its values and is guided by the School’s ethos.
Parents take keen interest in general campus life and in their child’s learning. School events are well attended by parents and the teachers find the school community highly supportive and engaged in comparison to many schools they may have taught in.


Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides a range of services to people in need both within Australia and overseas.

Some of the main activities of the Australian Red Cross include:

• Disaster and crisis response
• Blood donation services
• First aid training
• Community services

They play an important role in providing support and assistance to people in need both within Australia and around the world. 

QWS head office


CareFlight provides advanced aeromedical services and training across Australia. Our doctors and nurses travel in helicopters, turbo-prop aeroplanes, jets and road vehicles to reach and treat patients wherever they are.

All CareFlight activities support our mission to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community.