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  • Working Near Welders

    Working Near Welders

    In early 2017, the International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC) reclassified welding fume as carcinogenic. These risks apply not only to the welders themselves but also to the non- welders who work in close proximity to them. As...

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  • Practical Guide to Welding Fume Control

    Practical Guide to Welding Fume Control

    There is a critical need to give workplaces clear and practical advice that can help to keep welding fume exposure to an acceptable level.
    This guide is based on a simple premise - the health risk posed by welding fume is serious, however, keeping yourself safe can be straightforward.
    Consequently, in this guide, we outline the dangers of welding fume and then give you actionable and practical guidance based specifically on the welding industry.
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  • Add a layer of protection in your welding workspace

    Add a layer of protection in your welding workspace

    Electrocution, Burns, Arc-eye & Fumes are just few of the known hazards of welding that is why it has been rated as one of the hazardous occupations globally due to these risks. Welders are at high risk of injuring themselves but some may not know that it also hazardous to the people around and can even damage the surrounding area that is why it is essential that the right safety precautions are taken to protect both employees and workspaces alike.
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