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PN P-609

Portable filter - PortaFlex 200 (P-609). Portable welding fume extractor with built-in filter, suitable for welding in confined spaces or difficult to reach locations. Perfect for service and repair work. It comes with a 2.5m flexible hose - select desired magnet nozzles (additional). 

The Porta-Flex 200 is a portable fume extractor and filter suitable for welding in confined spaces or difficult to reach locations. It provides local exhaust ventilation (LEV), or at-source fume extraction, for dangerous welding fumes, vapours, and other workplace emissions.

The Porta-Flex 200 is perfect for service and maintenance jobs where remote or mobile welding is required - a user friendly and flexible piece of welding fume extraction equipment. 

This model has a manual start configuration.


Key Features

Easy to carry - the PortaFlex 200 has a weight of just 15kg so it is extremely easy to carry.

Portable - the hose can be rolled around the handle and the magnetic nozzle fixed to the outside of unit. It's just like a portable workplace vacuum cleaner! 

Efficient filtration - built-in efficient filter with long-life filter cartridge. The cartridge can be easily cleaned or changed when required.

Affordable and useful - the PortaFlex 200 is simple, effective and cheap, with a choice of 4 magnetic nozzles sizes. 

What's Included

Filtered extraction unit and handle

High performance fan

2.5m extraction hose

Built-in filter and cartridge

4m electrical cable

*Nozzles need to be ordered separately depending on size required (see Accessories below)


Motor power: 1kW

Air movement: 160m³/h. 

Input current: 1-Phase, 240V, 50 Hz

Packaged weight: 20kg

Packaged dimensions L x W x H: 320 x 675 x 600mm


Typical Environments


Working in confined spaces

Service and repair work

Remote locations


Magnetic nozzles need to be ordered separately to suit the size required (80mm, 200mm, 300mm & 400mm):