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Dealing in used equipment for over 40years, QWS has a large selection of high quality welding machines for the manufacturing, fabrication, mining, repair, maintenance and engineering sectors of the welding industry. The ever increasing skills shortage of welders worldwide, this situation adds pressure to local business trying to stay competitve in a changing market. QWS encourages investment into high performance welding and fabrication tools to outperform older technologies and process - always challenge the status quo.

Buying and selling welding and cutting equipment in every state of Australia, we definitely know the importance of investing in the best technology and solutions at a price you can afford.

Contact us if you need some expert advice to help define your requirements into a solution that solves your current and future welding needs. We encourage you to buy a reliable and efficient welding machine that will enhance your welding process and welded products, gain welding operator efficiency and improve welding productivity? With a large range of modern used and reconditioned welding machinery we guarantee every transaction with QWS to be an enjoyable experience.


Buy confidently

Buying a mig welder or tig welder is not just a purchase, but rather an investment. When you buy poor quality welders - you just SPENT your money, but when you buy high quality and high performance welders from QWS - you INVEST your money.....without spending a fortune. 

Choose from a large list of refurbished welding packags and associated plasma cutting systems all heavily discounted from the new price. All machines come standard with 3month warranty and a lifetime support guarantee.

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