Incorporated in 1987, Taylor Studwelding Systems Ltd have many years of experience in the supply of Studwelding products into many and diverse industries.


Our stud welding equipment manufactured in the UK is versatile, light and built to the highest quality standards. We stock around 10 million high quality weld studs, enabling us to supply weld studs which suit any stud welding application.


Taylor Studwelding Systems Limited with over 35 years in the industry has, by blending professional experience with extensive resources, built up an enviable reputation exporting products worldwide. Simultaneously Taylor Studwelding Systems Limited has developed its position as the UK’s leading supplier, designer and manufacturer of Studwelding equipment and weld studs from hand held, lightweight units to fully automated CNC and robotic Studwelding systems. At our purpose built computerised office and factory complex our service is fast, efficient and friendly. We have over 10,000,000 items – constantly in stock, no order is too complex to fulfil.

Taylor Studwelding Systems Limited strives to create an environment in which all personnel are valued and encouraged to work together to reach their full potential.
We will continue to develop a quality line of Stud Welding equipment from simple hand weld units, through to CNC fully automated systems.

We are determined to provide first class technical and administrative service through ongoing investment in technical and personnel development.


Industrial Control, Lighting Equipment, Domestic Appliances, Power Generation and Distribution.


Control and Security Equipment, Medical Instruments, Automation, Data Transmission, Communications, Test Equipment.


Material Handling and Conveyors, Lifts, Metal Furniture, Transportation, Construction and General Machinery.


Domestic and Industrial Boilers, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Units, Refrigeration Systems.


Signs, Nameplates, Panels, Badges, Emblems, Jewellery, Kettles, Saucepans.


Catering & Food Processing, Insulation and Fireproofing.


Taylor Stud Welder for Sale - Stud Welding Machine

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