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The CDM capacitor discharge stud welding machines range is both highly cost-effective and reliable, providing powerful welding action that is fast and accurate. These robustly manufactured yet lightweight machines weld rapidly and recharge quickly, improving your workplace efficiency and profit margins. By combining power and portability, these CD stud welding controllers are top of the market for many industries, providing welds that really last while weighing as little as 16 kilograms.

CDM capacitor discharge stud welding machines can weld CD studs from 2mm up to 10mm in diameter, including studs made from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass, all of which are available from our CD studs catalogue. Suitable materials to weld using these machines include mild and stainless steels, aluminium, and Zintec (zinc-coated mild steel). CD stud welding is ideal for thin gauge parent materials that are flat and clean, achieving flawless and strong welds with minimal marking. The improved strength provided by the welded joint between stud and sheet makes stud welding a truly superior process for fixing and fastening.

CDM Stud Welding Range Features

  • Quick and easy adjustment of capacitor voltage.
  • LED displays to allow for easy monitoring of functions.
  • Suitable for Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass studs.
  • Compatible with Lift Gap and Contact hand tools.
  • Fast welding action and minimal recharging time needed.
  • Boasts a robust yet lightweight Taylor Studwelding design.
  • Designed and built by the UK’s sole designer and manufacturer of stud welding equipment.

Complete package ready to weld (All included in price)

  • Pistol Handtool 3mtr
  • Welding Range:
  • 2.5mm - 8.0mm Mild Steel & Stainless Steel
  • 2.5mm - 6.0mm Aluminium & Brass
  • Chuck to suit application - choose from (2.5,3,4,5,6,8)
  • Dual Earth Clamp Assembly 3mt
  • Owners Manual
  • 10A 240V Plug Tested & Tagged
  • Operator Training and After Sales Support