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Part No: WELC1030

InoxPower is the newest addition to Cougartron’s line of stainless steel weld cleaning machines.
This compact, portable, and affordable machine is designed for occasional light-duty work within smaller production environments.

Use InoxPower for safe and fast - 

Oxide and heat tint removal

InoxPower is a simplified version of InoxMuscle and cannot be used for polishing. However, it is equally fast and effective with stainless steel weld cleaning.

*In addition to oxide removal and passivation, InoxPower can be transformed into a practical marking machine with the help of the basic etching set (sold separately).

InoxPower machine includes: 

InoxPower Machine
Earth Lead
Handle & Lead
Wand and the Twist Shroud
2 Powerbrush Weld Cleaning Brushes
Microfiber Cloth


Dimensions:310mmH x 140mmW x 104.2mmD
Weight: 3.7 kg
Power input/output: 110V (230V) / 14V, 30A
Weld cleaning method: Electrochemical
Metal type: Stainless steel
Weld type: TIG – Light and dark
Warranty: 2 Years after registration

What is Cougartron Technology?

The Cougartron Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System is uses a unique combination of electricity, heat and chemistry to deliver the ultimate result in weld cleaning and metal surface finishing. The conductive brush works in conjunction with a cleaning fluid onto the work surface producing an electro-chemical cleaning action with very fast and effective results.

It is a safe and fast alternative to pickling paste or grinding with abrasives.

Etching & Marking is made easy by Cougartron in that they have lightweight, portable machines that easily and very simply mark and etch logos, product names, part codes, and serial numbers in dark/black and white etching & marking.

The Cougartron range provide the fastest and the most superior results than any other makes and models in the marketplace today and combined with the manufactures 100% guarantee

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