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The plasma technology evolution has taken a huge leap, Today’s plasma cutting systems features smaller power supplies, more capable & more reliable, as well as the cutting torches, Plasma cutting torches today has improved dramatically into a better and more versatile than ever, as a result, many different torch styles are available today in short, long, angled, straight. They are made for both hand-held and mechanised cutting and gouging, as well as robotic cutting.

Plasma technology has really evolved so much providing numerous advantages compared to other cutting process

  • VERSATILITY - Plasma cutting can be performed on diverse types of metal. It uses an electric arc to cut any conductive metal like steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and other durable materials.


  • PORTABILITY - These plasma cutters are portable, and you can easily move this wherever the job demands. Some brands are so portable that just one person can easily handle this.


  • CUTTING SPEED - If you compare the cutting speed of a plasma cutter with any cutting tools, you’ll find a plasma cutter is the winner since it’s a time saver and a lot easier than other cutting equipment.


  • QUALITY & PRECISION - It takes an experienced operator with a steady hand to really make a clean cut. Precision or accurate cutting is one of the major advantages of a plasma cutter, especially when it comes to cutting different shapes or angles with sheet metal.


  • COST-EFFECTIVE - Plasma can cut things faster and with less waste, plus there is very little loss due to on the job injuries. This means the price comes down for the end user so it’s a more cost-effective process than other cutting methods.


  • PIERCING ABILITY - This is where plasma really shines in comparison to Oxyfuel. Many cutting applications require inside piercing. When piercing 15 mm metal with Oxyfuel it must first be heated up to about 1000C and this takes upwards of 30 seconds. Since plasma doesn’t need this step it can do the same piercing in less than two seconds. Less time equals less money charged to the end user.


  • SAFETY - Because this cutting process uses gas that is NOT highly flammable, it’s a safer method than other processes.

QWS offers state of the art PLASMA CUTTING TORCHES from industry’s best & most reliable brands such as BINZEL, CIGWELD, HYPERTHERM, PROFAX, TECMO, THERMAL DYNAMICS and many more…We have a complete line of HAND HELD PLASMA TORCHES, LONG SCRAP TORCHES available in various sizes & angles for manual cutting, mechanised cutting and robotic cutting.

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