ABICOR BINZEL strive to create the very best in welding and metal joining technology, products, and innovations. Abicor Binzel's state-of-the-art research and development headquarters in Giessen, Germany ensures a premium, high-performance product with ultimate user safety and comfort.

Our MIG, TIG, Laser and Robotic welding torches are the best on the market. Ergonomic liquid cooled and air cooled models are available to accommodate every task. Abicor Binzel also carry a wide range of innovative, one of a kind welding accessories that improve welding performance whether it is automated robotics or manual welding.

Abicor Binzel take pride in thier products and make them available worldwide with a network in over 50 countries and spanning five continents. Our ISO 9001 membership ensure our products conform to the highest industry standards domestically and abroad, and are easily compatible with all the major welding machine manufacturers in the industry.  ABICOR BINZEL Australia supplies a complete range of MIG, TIG and Robotic torch and available customizations. 


MIG Welder Spare Parts | MIG Welding Parts

Queensland Welding Supplies welding products stock a huge range of Binzel spare parts and genuine torches for the Australian manufacturing market. The most popular mig gun models are the Abicor gas cooled MB15, MB24, MB25, MB36, MB40 and the water cooled MB501 and the newer editions to the range which include the Abimig 355 and Abimig 455 series guns.