The best plasma cutter in the world - backed by 50 years of intense innovation

Hypertherm is built on nearly 50 years of experience coupled with 120+ patents, Hypertherm dedicates more resources to industrial cutting research, design, development, and testing than any other high quality manufacturer. We have always taken a leadership role, and innovation remains a cornerstone of our business.

Hypertherm Plasma cutters, Portable Plasma Cutters, Plasma with built-in Air supply, plus a massive range of Hypertherm Cutting & Gouging Consumables in stock now

Hypertherm Technology Developments

Plasma Cutting Technology Hypertherm innovation dates back to 1968, when water injection technology launched today’s plasma cutting industry. In recent years alone, our R&D effort has produced other industry firsts, including HDi® technology for improved cutting of thin stainless, a 15-degree torch for easier cutting in hard-to-reach areas, and integrated solutions to enable the cutting of bolt-ready holes.


Automation Hypertherm’s proprietary Phoenix® software, the core operational interface used by all of Hypertherm’s CNCs, sets the industry standard for functionality and ease of use. The CutPro® wizard enables even new operators to be up-and-cutting in less than 5 minutes.

Consumables – Every year, we introduce patented new technologies to improve performance and extend consumable life. Hypertherm’s technology and manufacturing advantages extend to our Centricut® and AccuStream™ brand of consumables for non-Hypertherm systems as well.

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Hypertherm PowerMax 105 - supercedes PowerMax1650

Hypertherm PowerMax 125 - supercedes everything else known to man when cutting metal by hand, or gouging thick steel sections for major repairs.

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