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WELDMAX handheld LASER WELDING is here

Our newest designed Photon Weld-A+ Series, is completely re-engineered to be the best, the most compact, the most economical and the safest handheld laser welding machine on the market

  • The smallest sized with the biggest power (62% smaller)
  • The most energy efficient of the market
  • The only wave laser welder fully designed in Europe
  • Triple protection of the fibre laser cable 
  • Built-in gas & air pressure monitoring
  • Weight < 58kg, compact design, small size, portable
  • Supply voltage 220VAC-50/60Hz - 16A - Standard 220V plug
  • With EcolEner Energy saving technology

Air Cooled - Effecient cooling system 

Eco Friendly - Uses 70% less energy than other laser machines on the market

Portable, featuring intergrated wheels and handles makes moving around the workshop easy

Easy to use with over 53 presets with storage for your own


Faster welding


Less energy consumption


Cost saving

Material Welding Range PhotonWeld-A1600

MaterialThickness Single SideThickness Both Sides
Stainless steel< 4mm< 8mm
Mild steel< 3mm< 6mm
Aluminium< 2mm< 6mm
Brass< 1mm< 2mm
Copper< 1mm< 2mm

Super Intelligent handheld Laser Welding System

The Weldmax Photonweld high intelligent laser welding system is specially developed for complex and high-tech real portable handheld laser welding applications. Really simple and easy to operate, no technical knowledge required. It is a multi-functional application system, which is able to control the laser power, frequency, ramping, pre- and post-weld gas, pulse- or continue mode and it has a variety of welding functions suitable for spot welding scenes, pulse welding, cleaning, cutting and seam welding. The beam can be adjusted with a width of 0,2-5mm, suitable for welding with complex, High-Tech and irregular workpiece. Simple workpieces are also done much faster and better!

Superior results

The Safest handheld laser welding machine with full CE certification.

• Extensively tested with Tier 1 Manufacturers in EU (VW,Mercedes, BMW, & more)
•Triple protection of the fibre laser Cable (10m QHB standard maxi 10 kW CW laser power)
• Laser beam emission indicator & external emission warning indicator control
• Remote interlock connector with Multi safety interlocks: nozzle contact interlock, door contact (external) interlock, foot pedal (dead's man pedal) interlock (opt.), key control lock, internal and external emergency stop (opt.)
• Failsafe start-stop control
• Automatic control of external fume extraction device with delayed stop

The integrated workpiece detection with the Wobble-PRO+ laser Welder ensures that welding is only possible when the handset touches the workpiece with the nozzle. This prevents uncontrolled emission of laser radiation. Therefore, 5 pre-requisites must be met for the laser beam to be triggered!

re-thinking welding for a cleaner, sustainable future. 

The Weldmax PhotonWeld© High Efficient Laser Welder using revolutionary technology called EcolEner®, combined with 976 nm pumping technology is taking sustainability seriously. We are able to increase the 'wall- plug' efficiency levels over 42% (WPE). We were also able to increase the energy conversion efficiency dramatically, which showed energy consumption with a reduction of over 22% compared to a typical laser welding machine.

Laser welding travels 7-10 faster than normal welding, therefore reducing the environmental impact & taking sustainability seriously.

why choose a laser wobble welding machine? 

speed & efficiency

Laser welding is much faster & more versatile than traditional welding method. Laser energy provides consistent energy to the weld spot. This means excellent speed, thermal control and seam quality. Voids and pockets are eliminated and secondary finishing is unnecessary. Depending on the material, you can expect typical laser welding speeds up to 10 metres a minute.

high accuracy

They allow a localised, very fine, very clean, almost invisible welding with high precision. The laser beam can be easily controlled to weld the tiniest of part without damaging them. They are extremely suitable for welding small parts. They have high & repetitive consistent welds which can be adapted to a wide variety of shapes and materials without concerns to the user. 

highly profitable

With up to 90% time savings, and automation features, it allows you to take on more work & bigger jobs. Also, due to its energy efficient properties, we estimate you will save up to $900 per year in electricity compared to a traditional MIG welder. 


The weld quality and the speed of processing are far superior to conventional welding processes, and this ultimately results in increased profit margins and reduced running costs - meaning your ROI is fast!


Robotic welding is most productive when completing high-volume, repetitive welding tasks. With the new flexible robots and cobots, small batch production and even single part production is now in reach of any robot with Wobble-R Fiber laser welding units from Weldmax. 

• With robotic welding integration, you can:
• Decrease employee risk to burns & hazardous fumes
• Increase quality & consistency of welds
• Decrease time required to finish the job
• Decrease space needed to perform tasks
• Decrease labor costs


Request a quote below, or call our team on (07) 3399 6199  to answer any questions you may have.