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$4,980.00 Each

The latest digital inverter welder with perfect weld stability and control of DC Tig, Pulsed Arc, High Frequency & MMA Standard: Providing excellent welding characteristics for welders at all levels.

Thanks to its dimensions & ratio, power-weight/duty cycle the 300T is the best option for small, medium and large sized welding applications.

The Weldmax 300T DC is more than suitable for the following applications: Steel & Stainless Industry, Food Processing Industry, Schools, Tafes, Colleges, Mechanised & Automated Production, Chemical Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Industrial Assembly, Maintenance & Servicing, Machinery & Mechanical Engineering, MMA Welding, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Agricultural Machine Servicing, Air Conditioning Plants, Hydraulics, Pipe Welding, Metal Windows & Door Frames & Fabrication.

Weldmax 221AC/DC is designed for welders at all levels and is recommended also for demonstrations and welding schools.


  • Q-START- Rapid joining of weld pools for initial starting.
  • SYNERGIC IGNITION – modifies the ignition according to electrode diameter.
  • Dynamic arc, ensures deeper penetration and lower heat input with more regular bead formation.
  • Remote torch controls, up/down, potentiometer foot control.
  • VRD Function.
  • TIG DC – High quality HF ignition suitable for very long torches.
  • MULTITACK – reduces heat input while joining light gauge materials.
  • Q SPOT – For fast tacking, leave the weld tack white and clean with very little heat.
  • MMA – Up to 5mm electrodes in MMA, Adjustable Arc Force & Hot Start.
  • Pre Gas and Post Gas.
  • Up Slope and Down Slope.
  • Pulse Settings.

Complete Package ready to weld with:

  • 8mtr Tig Torch
  • Earth Lead
  • Argon Regulator
  • Test & Tag
  • Owner's Manual
  • Water Cooler

---- Warranty 2 years -----

  • 12 month parts and labour
  • 12 parts only

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