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$3,499.00 / each
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The latest digital inverter welder with perfect weld stability and control of DC Tig, Pulsed Arc, High Frequency and MMA Standard, providing excellent welding characteristics for welders at all levels.

Thanks to its dimensions & ratio, power-weight/duty cycle, the 220T is the best option available for small, medium and large sized welding applications.

The Weldmax 220T DC is suitable for the following applications: Steel & Stainless Industry, Food Processing Industry, Schools, Tafes, Colleges, Mechanised & Automated Production, Chemical Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Industrial Assembly, Maintenance & Servicing, Machinery & Mechanical Engineering, MMA Welding, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Agricultural Machine Servicing, Air Conditioning Plants, Hydraulics, Pipe Welding, Metal Windows & Door Frames & Fabrication.


  • Q-Start – Rapid joining of weld pools for initial starting.
  • SYNERGIC IGNITION – modifies the ignition according to electrode diameter.
  • Dynamic arc, ensures deeper penetration and lower heat input with more regular bead formation.
  • Remote torch controls, up/down, potentiometer foot control.
  • VRD Function.
  • TIG DC – High quality HF ignition suitable for very long torches.
  • MULTITACK – reduces heat input while joining light gauge materials.
  • Q SPOT – For fast tacking, leave the weld tack white and clean with very little heat.
  • MMA – Up to 5mm electrodes in MMA, Adjustable Arc Force & Hot Start.
  • Digital LCD Amp display
  • weight: 10kg
  • DC Pulse TIG
  • Adjustable pulse
  • Pre-Gas
  • Post-Gas
  • HF start
  • Upslope/Downslope
  • Anti-stick

Complete Ready to weld with:

  • 8mtr Tig Torch
  • Earth Lead
  • Argon Regulator
  • Test & Tag
  • Owner's Manual

---- Warranty 2 years -----

  • 12 month parts and labour
  • 12 parts only

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