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Part No: LW1000

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The most common method for igniting a thermic lance is using an oxy-acetylene/LPG torch. However, a safer and more portable method is using a thermic lance igniter tube and wick (L.I.T process) which can eliminate the use of any fuel gases (e.g. acetylene, LPG) in the area. A single lance igniter tube can ignite up to 20 thermic lances or 50 mini thermic lances. How to use:
  • Ignite the Lance Wick with a match to let it smoulder very slowly
  • Place the Lance over the face of the Igniter Tube and the smouldering Wick in the same position
  • Apply oxygen at a low pressure. The Wick will flare into flame and light the centre of Igniter Tube.
  • Remove the Wick and place the Lance 30 - 50mm inside the centre of the Igniter Tube.
  • Slowly increase oxygen pressure at the Regulator. This will cause a fierce flame to heat up the end of Lance, and ignite the Lance.
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