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$445.97 kg
Particularly high-quality silver hard solder, guaranteed according to AS1167.1B2, DIN 8513 and AS/NZ3500, especially for capillary-gap subject to high thermal and mechanical alternating loads in HVAC systems, as well as demanding sanitary and gas installations
  • High heat resistance: Non-foaming & heat resistant to 200°C
  • Quality manufactured: Manufactured with new, environmentally compatible technology, corrosion neutral, scale-free & improved flow properties
  • Ideal for copper to copper joints: No flux required
Application Area

Super Ego solder is particularly suited for copper pipe installations in cold and hot water systems, for open and closed heating systems, for gas installations, as well as for HVAC-R applicatons, and oil pipes. Super Ego solder is especially suited for capillary soldering of copper pipes without fittings This product is priced “per KG”. The minimum quantity available to purchase is shown in the "Pack Qty".