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by Pferd
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PN 42302051
pack of 50
POLICAP® abrasive caps  have a seamless shape. The entire tool surface can be used during grinding. The abrasive caps sit securely on the holders during use, due to their high fitting accuracy.

  • The PFERD range comprises an extensive selection of abrasive caps
  • Cap holders are fully reusable.
  • Slots in the holder facilitate its expansion, locking the tool firmly in place.
  • The special manufacturing process guarantees good shapeholding and excellent fine-grinding properties.
  • Easy tool replacement!

Application examples:
  • Fine grinding in tool and mould construction.
  • For work on hard-to-reach places and bores.

Recommendations for use:
  • Abrasive caps can be mounted and removed by turning them slightly to the right and pulling at the same time.
  • Abrasive caps are easier to replace with the holder mounted on the tool drive.
  • Abrasive caps perform best at a recommended cutting speed of 10-20 m/s.
  • By using the appropriate grinding oil for the different materials, the tool life and the abrasive performance of the POLICAP® abrasive caps can be substantially increased.
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