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PN 42150105
Abrasive cap holders shape C POLICAP® tool have a seamless design and the entire tool surface can be used. Matching, reusable holder for using abrasive caps.
The high degree of fitting accuracy between the components ensures that the abrasive caps remain securely attached to the holder during use.

  • Because of slots, the holder expands during use, guaranteeing that the abrasive cap is firmly clamped in place
  • Good dimensional stability and excellent fine grinding thanks to a special manufacturing process
  • Easy tool change
Application examples:
  • Fine grinding in tool and mould construction
  • Finishing on turbine blades after repair
  • Feather edging of radii at transitions after milling frames in aircraft construction
  • Fine grinding of hard-to-reach areas and bores
  • Levelling of transitions in fitting and pump construction
Recommendations for use:
  • Abrasive caps and cones can be mounted and removed by turning them slightly to the right
  • Abrasive caps are easier to replace when the holder is mounted on the tool drive
  • Abrasive caps and cones achieve their best performance at a recommended cutting speed of 10–20 m/s
Safety notes:
  • The maximum permitted peripheral speed is 25 m/s
  • For safety reasons, it is imperative to remain within the stated maximum permitted rotational speed at all times
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