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PN 61720226
pack of 25

COMBIDISC Abrasive Disc - Aluminium Oxide - Type CDR 50 A 36

PFERD Combidiscs – CDR A are made of aluminium oxide abrasive.  These discs are universally suitable for use on all metals and applications from coarse to fine grinding, with a high stock removal rate and long tool life.

CDR clamping system- threaded connection with male thread (plastic).  Suitable for the following systems used on the market:  Roloc, Lockit, Speed Lock TR, Power Lock Type III, Fastlock-System B and Roll-On.


Quick Benefits

  • Rapid tool change
  • No adhesion, no slipping
  • No loosening under the influence of heat
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Tool is always fixed centrally


Application examples:

  • Tool and mould construction, modelling
  • Mechanical engineering, automotive construction
  • Aeronautical and aerospace industry
  • Aircraft engine construction and repair
  • Equipment, tank and pressure vessel construction (e.g. for foodstuff and chemical industry)
  • Fettling of small parts


Safety notes:

  • The maximum permitted peripheral speed is 50 m/s
  • For safety reasons, it is imperative to remain within the stated maximum permitted rotational speed at all times
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