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PN 66254436181
pack of 25

These Norton Blaze fibre discs are the perfect solution for the below processes, but not limited to:   Preparing steel and stainless pipe with bevels and chamfers before welding, stainless and steel plate preparation for edge preps etc, post welding processes such as smoothing off a weld surface with super fast metal removal rates - making grinding and sanding and workshops more efficient and functional.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  1. Less noise in workshop than traditional solid grinding wheels
  2. Less vibration on operators than traditional solid grinding wheels
  3. Safer products to use – less chance of grinding disc shattering
  4. Smoother pipe surface finish than traditional solid grinding wheels
  5. Up to 4x faster metal removal rate than traditional grinding wheels
  6. Less burrs or sharp edges  - therefore less finger & eye injuries
  7. Reduced airborne metal particles, as the Blaze discs take a larger cut, therefore the dust goes to the floor not into the air.

Product demonstrations are available for this product - simply call us to arrange.