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$622.70 / each
PN 256176
Miller Welding Helmet - Titanium™ 9400 Digital Auto Dark Lens 256176

The Miller TITANIUM™ 9400 welding helmet now features a new digital auto-darkening lens. The Digital TITANIUM™ 9400 performs in the most demanding high-heat* industrial welding applications and offers the convenience and technology of a digital interface. The Digital TITANIUM™ 9400 features Miller's Infotrack™ arc timer, external grind control and Miller's newly redesigned headgear.

  • Innovative aluminum heat shield protects the digital lens in high amperage applications
  • Silver shell reflects heat to keep helmet and user cool
  • Durable shock-absorbing gasket protects lens from drop impact
  • Convenient quick release provides easy access for front cover lens changes
  • InfoTrack™ is a Miller Exclusive technology that allows the lens to track arc time while under the hood. InfoTrack™ also includes a digital clock display with the ability to set an alarm or timer.