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$2.50 kg
The benefits of this wire to the welder is superior welding performance, increased efficiency, whether the process is manual, mechanized or robotic, helping reduce overall welding costs. Due to the absence of a copper coating, there is less risk of clogging of guns and liners with copper flakes, resulting in less maintenance and a higher duty cycle.

In addition to enabling higher duty work cycles this spatter-free welding arc also reduces the necessity and cost of post-weld grinding.

An environmental advantage that comes with copper-free wires is the greatly reduced amount of copper in the welding fume and its contribution to a healthier environment in and around the welding workplace. Low fume emission gives a cleaner working environment within the welders working zone.
  • Minimises contamination in wire feeders, liners, torches and contact tips.
  • The wire provides a stable arc with low feeding force
  • High weld quality and reduced rework or post weld cleaning
  • Excellent arc ignition
  • Reduced post weld cleaning
  • High current operability
  • Higher productivity
  • Extremely low spatter level
  • Reduced post weld cleaning
  • Trouble-free feedability even at high wire feed speeds
This product is priced “per KG”. The minimum quantity available to purchase is shown in the "Pack Qty".