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by Hyundai
Part No: EHY30926
Hyundai S-309L.16 Stainless/Mild Steel Electrodes
Welding of 22% Cr-12%Ni steel. Welding of dissimilar metals and build-up welding of stainless steel on carbon steel or low alloy steel.

Characteristics on usage:
S-309L.16 is a lime-titania type electrode and its usability is excellent. As the all-weld metal contains extra low carbon and high content of delta ferrite, its corrosion and heat resistability are also good. S-309L.17 has a high moisture resistance and good porosity resistability.

Notes on usage:
  • Dry the electrodes at 350°C (662°F) for 60 minutes before use.
  • In case of clad steel welding, pay attention to the degree of penetration into the base plate.
  • Keep the arc as short as possible, the electrodes away from moisture and stored with care.
Welding position:
  • F, HV, VU, OH
  • AC or DC+
Typical Chemical Composition of all weld metal (%)
 C       Si       Mn       P       S       Cr       Ni  
 .02       .76       1.3       .023       .019       22.9       12.7  
Typical Mechanical Properties of all weld metal
 T.S N/mm2 (lbs/in2)     EL. (%)
 563 (81,800)       43.0  
KR, ABS, LR, BV, DNV, NK, GL, CWB This product is priced “per KG”. The minimum quantity available to purchase is shown in the "Pack Qty".
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