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Part No: HWQWSMC10452

Advanced Digital Inverter

Digital inverter welding technology with precise control of Pulse MIG, standard MIG, MMA (stick welding), and GTAW (Tig) welding functions. Excellent welding characteristics for most types of weldable metals. Housing an Integrated 4-roll wire feed.

225 Pulse Applications:

The Weldmax 225 PULSE is the answer when welding aluminium, steel, stainless and CrNi using 240volt power. For those who build boats, trailers, tanks or are in the field, the Weldmax 225 inverter is lightweight and can be used either manually or utilise the pre-programmed settings that allow very fast set up and perfect operation the welding arc. With a large digital display – this intuitive machine is set to impress the best fabricators, sheet metals workers, boilermakers and all the boat builders.

The Weldmax 225 model is the wheel-mounted version, is highly mobile and accepts both the 300mm and 200mm wire spools. The Weldmax 220 and 225 Pulse MIGs require a TIG torch with a trigger, no valve is required as the machine has an internal solenoid. Once the trigger is pressed, you touch the tungsten on the workpiece to activate the Lift-Arc ignition. Upon completion of the weld, release the trigger and slope down will activate or the weld will stop if slope down is not turned on.


  • Integrated 4 wheel drive wire feeder
  • Portable and on wheels to carry your gas bottle
  • Outstanding precision control
  • Digital welding-process adjustment
  • Superb welding properties
  • MIG brazing of galvanised sheets
  • MIG pulsed-arc – a perfect match for Aluminium and Stainless
  • TIG standard or Pulsed arc
  • Synergic programs
  • TIG and Electrode welding (VRD)
  • Easy operation
  • Digital display for amps, volts, material thickness, wire feed speed, arc length, etc
  • Continuous power adjustment is possible while welding
  • Job/memory mode
  • Thermostatic fan
  • 2T / 4T trigger functions

Complete Hire package ready to weld with

  • 225amp Weldmax pulse powersource
  • Mig gun - set up for your application
  • Earth lead
  • Gas hose
  • Regulator
  • 15 amp plug

Just add Wire and Gas to this package

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