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by Harris
$540.14 / kit
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PN 1968187
The larger Model 818 Regulators are ideal on the back of trucks and utes as there are no gauges to be damaged.
Flexible tip allows the operator to get into tight places.

The HARRIS mixing system uses gas at much lower pressures which provides gas savings and increased safety.
Operator’s will enjoy the front mounted valves, providing the ability to alter flame one handed.
Also includes Reg-End Flashback Arrestors and Flashguards on Handle.
Includes 10 metres of 6mm Harris Oxy/Lpg Hose

Package includes:
  • D50C x 1
  • H192S x 1
  • 019038 x 1
  • 00908N x 1
  • 1390-3N x 1
  • 1390-5N x 1
  • 188TAR x 1
  • 188TAL x 1
  • 818Z002 x 1
  • 818Z003 x 1
  • 6BOTH10M+F x 1