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$69.00 / kg
Galvanizing repair stick restores corrosions resistant zinc like finish on galvanized plates, shapes, pipe, rods, sheets, etc. after welding, cutting, abrasion or other daMagnesiume to face or edges. Re coats burnt galvanizing. Also coats the weld and prevent rust. Rubs on a surface like a crayon. Coats easily and permanently.On Galvanized Iron the stick is indispensable. On Black Iron the stick prevents formation of rust pockets in the weld or on other surfaces requiring rust proofing before painting On Rusted Iron the stick re coats, adheres, and inhibits further rusting. stick, a product of modern metallurgy, goes on faster, smoother, with a firmer bond, and surpasses original galvanized surfaces in corrosion resistance. stick, is a true meal coating (not a paint), and does not age to a whitish powdery appearance. It tends to darken slightly when weathered, and maintains its true metallic hue. This product is priced “per KG”. The minimum quantity available to purchase is shown in the "Pack Qty".