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by WIA
$17.20 kg
SKU 16TC32
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AUSTARC 16TC is a smooth running, basic low hydrogen electrode, developed for all positional (except vertical down) welding, using AC or DC power sources. The electrode gives exceptional arc stability and weldability for its class and produces high quality weld deposits with reliable notch toughness to -40°C.

It is manufactured using a unique twin coating extrusion process, which produces electrodes with two concentric flux coatings. Arc stabilizing elements are concentrated in the inner coating of the electrode for significantly improved arc stability on AC welding machines. It is the ideal hydrogen controlled electrode for welding carbon, carbon manganese and low alloy high strength steels used in a multitude of critical and noncritical applications. It can be used in maintenance situations as a buffer or build-up layer on agricultural and earth moving equipment prior to hard surfacing.

Characteristics on usage:

This electrode is particularly suitable for welding heavy wall joints subject to high degrees of restraint and for structural applications where notch toughness down to minus 40°C is a pre-requisite.

Welding position:

F, H, VU, OH


AC 50 OCV or DC± 

Typical Chemical Composition of all weld metal (%):

  • C - .06
  • Si - .4
  • Mn - 1.2

Typical Mechanical Properties of all weld metal:

  • Y.S - 460MPa
  • T.S - 560MPa
  • EL. - 28%
  • CVN-Impact - 110Jav@-40°C

Sizes Available and Recommended Currents (Amp.):

  • Size mm (in) - 3.2 (1/8)
  • Length mm (in) - 380 (15)
  • Packet Size - 5kg
  • Carton Weight - 15kg
  • F - 90~135
  • AWS Spec - E7016 H8
  • E4816