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by Cigweld
Part No: WEG1032
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The WeldSkill GP Electrode is crafted to deliver exceptional performance and consistent results. Its 6013 classification makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including general-purpose welding tasks. Whether you're working on mild steel or galvanized steel, this electrode will provide excellent arc stability and a smooth weld bead appearance.

The 3.2mm size is ideal for welding tasks that require a slightly thicker electrode. It allows for deeper penetration and increased deposition rates, making it perfect for welding thicker materials or when you need to create strong, durable welds.


  • General purpose versatile electrode
  • Suitable for all-positional welding of thin steel sections and welding joints with poor fit-up
  • Classification: AS/NZS 4855 – B-E43 13 A (AS/NZS 1553.1 E4112-0 Previous Classification)

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The CIGWELD WeldSkill GP Electrode is designed for ease of use and versatility. It offers excellent arc starting capabilities, making it suitable for both experienced welders and beginners alike. Whether you're working in a workshop or on a job site, this electrode will meet your welding requirements with precision and reliability.

By choosing the WeldSkill GP Electrode, you can expect high-quality performance, exceptional arc stability, and a weld bead appearance that meets professional standards. Its reliable performance makes it a popular choice among welders in various industries, from automotive to construction.