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$194.4 / 60 rolls
$3.24 / roll

The Duct Tape is a great addition to any toolbox for most general applications from light duty sealing, bundling, marking and temporary repairs on non-critical applications. This tape is made of a synthetic rubber adhesive allowing it to stick to smooth metal, glass and plastic.

  • Suitable for a wide range of masking, marking, light duty sealing, holding and bundling applications
  • Easy tear tape
  • Resists moisture for reliable tape performance in moist or humid environments
  • Individually wrapped roll for easy identification and to keep the roll clean until ready for use

This general purpose, Polyethylene backing over cloth ensures moisture resistance for reliable performance in moist or humid environments. Duct tapes offer a high level of adhesion permanency and are great for use where longer-term fixes are required, with easy to tear properties.

This duct tape is essential for all tool boxes and workshops and can be used for a variety of tasks both indoors and outdoors. It is also handy to keep in the home to use for various jobs.