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Description and Applications

Arc-air DC gouging carbons are made by mixing carbon/graphite with a binder, baking, and then coating with a controlled thickness of copper. Carbons are available in three types; Pointed, Jointed and Flat.
  • Pointed carbons are the standard all purpose gouging electrode. Controlled copper coating improves electrical conductivity providing more efficient, cooler operation and helps maintain electrode diameter at the point of the arc.
  • Jointed carbons have the added benefit of working without stub loss, with each rod having a female socket and matching male tang. They can be used with semi and fully automatic torches.
  • Flat carbons are specially designed for close tolerance metal removal and scarfing applications, producing a rectangular groove.
Air-carbon arc gouging is done in the downhand, vertical, horizontal and overhead position with a stick out of 180mm and an electrode angle of approximately 35 degrees, depending on the application. The groove width obtained will be approximately 3mm wider than the carbon size. The gouging action occurs when the arc is struck, removing molten metal as the electrode is moved along the workpiece. A slow travel speed produces a deep groove, a fast travel speed produces a shallow groove. The air flow must be turned on before gouging commences. The operator must ensure that adequate eye (shade 12-14), ear and clothing protection is worn.

Notes on Usage
  • Fast, Clean, Smooth, hassle-free Gouging
  • Able to remove metal from a wide range of common ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Designed for DC Operation
  • Superior arc stability
Conditioning Data

If carbons are damp, they should be re-dried at 180°C for 10 hours, otherwise they may shatter.

High Efficiency Gouging Carbons

Arc-air’s high efficiency gouging carbon takes carbon technology and performance to a new level. Formulated with a reduced carbon content and increased copper coating they can carry a current up to 800 amps (an increased carrying capacity of 25%) while giving up to 10% greater metal removal. The improved outer strength of these carbons allows for additional stick out length and the fluted exterior adds to the improved current flow and carrying capacity.
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