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by 3M
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pack of 25

3M Silver Depressed Grinding Wheels - T27

3M™ Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Type 27 wheels, designed to deliver an unbeatable combination of performance and value that delivers a fast and consistent cut during bevelling, slag removal, weld grinding and edge work on a variety of metals. 3M™ silver depressed centre grinding wheels represent a new class of right angle abrasives – powered by the revolutionary speed and long life of 3M precision shaped ceramic grain.

These discs are great for a number of metalworking applications, such as weld removal, beveling, chamfering and more. They also offer outstanding cutting performance, with faster and consistent cuts through pipes, tubes and sheets, its a disc you can rely on for your toughest cutting jobs.

Features and Benefits

• Designed for heavy grinding, bevelling and weld removal
• Suitable for used on a variety of substrates such as carbon steel and stainless steel
• Offers increased productivity
• Type T27
• Faster cuts
• Long life


Grinding and cut-off discs are designed to be fitted to angle grinders. Handheld angle grinders are a highly versatile tool, and are ideal for machining metal. These cut off discs are great for weld removals and cutting through metals like stainless steel, mild steel, aerospace alloys and more. This could occur in industries such as farm and construction, automotive, ship and boat building, aerospace, metal fabrication.