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Introducing Hyperfill™

Revolutionize your welding productivity with Hyperfill - an innovative twin-wire MIG solution that takes your high deposition welding to the next level.

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Designed to revolutionize heavy fabrication productivity, the patent-pending HyperFill twin-wire MIG solution allows for increased deposition rates without compromising puddle stability or weld quality. Utilizing a single power source, a single wire feeder, and a single tip, this innovative twin wire design delivers a wide, smooth arc cone that allows for deposition rates above 18lbs/hr | 8 kg/hr. (24+ lbs/hr. | 10.8 kg/hr robotic) without added system or operator complexity.

productivity increase - single wire vs. hyperfill

Usable deposition rates increase by up to 100%
Easy to use - liquid bridge produces a larger droplet and wider arc cone
Layer cone allows for a more robust penetration profile for a better quality welds
Customers have seen an increase in productivity of 30%
Four (4) month payback period*

process comparison - deposition range

*Based on figures supplied by client August 2019

minimal system changes

Run twin-wire MIG on a standard Power Wave® set-up with...
a Single Power Source, a Single Wire Feeder, and a Single Gun Tip

solution components


Power Wave® S500
Power Wave® R450 / S700 (Robotic)
HyperFill™ Waveform
Cool Arc® 55 or 55S


Magnum® PRO 500A Water Cooled Gun Magnum® PRO 500A Water Cooled (Robotic) HyperFill™ Tip (contact tip, diffuser)


Power Feed® 84
AutoDrive® 4R 220 (Robotic)
HyperFill™ Drive Rolls (0.35 - 0.45)
HyperFill™ Inlet Bushing