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    PN 90861000
    $66.00 /pack of 15
    $4.40 / each

    Magic Disc Highly aggressive grinding disc removes stock in the half time, no clogging on aluminum, less dust, noise and heating, nice gr...

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    $66.00 /pack of 15
    $4.40 / each
    pack of 15

    PN L100C10
    $34.50 /pack of 25
    $1.38 / each

    $34.50 /pack of 25
    $1.38 / each
    pack of 25

Since 1914, SUHNER has been designing, engineering and manufacturing machines and tools for surface and finishing. Thorough comprehensive research and development, uncompromising standards of quality and an intensive exchange of experience with discerning clientele using our products, individual solutions have been found to the everyday practical problems in industry and trade.


With its state of the art factories in several countries and its world-wide sales network, SUHNER is among the leading companies in the field of surface finishing.


SUHNER electric tools are used with great success in trade and industry, the main applications are grinding, cutting and polishing, SUHNER machines are manufactured to meet today’s need, they are very efficient and highly reliable.


SUHNER cordless tools are used successfully in trade and industry. With cordless machines from SUHNER the user has a reliable partner on the construction site and in the assembly area. The cordless machines from SUHNER are characterised by their robust design, they are durable and powerful. The use of the latest generation high-performance electric motors and efficient battery technology is a natural choice.


SUHNER pneumatic tools have proved extremely successful in the industrial and hand working fields. They are used in machine fabrication, boiler construction, foundries, tool and mould manufacture and in assembly work. Their design is based on very high output with the most economic air consumption. Machines are powered by strongly constructed slide vane motors, providing a most favourable power to weight ratio. Their construction simplifies servicing. Wearing parts can be changed easily and economically. SUHNER portable pneumatic tools are quiet with low vibration. The outside housing parts of grinding machines are plastic covered and have good cold insulation properties and manageability. For the efficient operating of pneumatic tools, it is imperative that the air supply be free of condensation and constant pressure. Additionally, the clean air must pass through an oil mist, to ensure lubrication of the motor and spindle bearings. These requirements are provided by means of maintenance unit, consisting of filter, pressure regulator and oil mist unit. The working life of pneumatic tools is greatly increased.

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