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    PN SI-5305-8
    $400.00 / each

    Free Speed r.p.m. 800 Chuck Size mm/(in.) 13/(1/2) Spindle Size 3/8-24UNF Drilling Cap mm/(in.) 13/(1/2) Out Put Watt 326 Weight kg/(lb) ...

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    $400.00 / each

    PN SI-1305
    Translation missing: en.product.item.price.current $145.20 / each

    Translation missing: en.product.item.price.current $145.20 / each
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After the start of manufacturing Air Tools, over 45 years, the quality has been consistently put into our practice and product design for obtaining the satisfaction of all customers. Development in production has constantly raised our products to a higher performance. Customers have been calling for high quality and capability of our products, year by year. SI branded tools is not only an Air tool sine we always intend to develop it into a new better product. We will always do our best to meet your satisfaction.

Our concepts for production are:

  •        Japan Quality
  •        High quality for getting customer's satisfaction
  •        Contribution for the society through our products
  •        Striking originality for our products
  •        This to be qualified as “SI” products


Products in Great Variety Offer many selections of sales channel

More than 300 items can be categorized into products for the automotive repair and maintenance, general industries, Construction works, agricultural machine, etc.


Industrial Tools SHINANO

SHINANO INC. concepts for the industrial range products are:

o   Productivity

o   Accessibility

o   Ergonomics

o   Durability

o   Safety


Planning and Development Aiming toward more than 10 new products every year

The painting, the structure, the material, etc. have been developed year by year as seen in the automobile industry. We will follow the development and introduce timely products to the market. Our antennas toward various industries catch messages, useful to new products, such as about problems at work.


Improvement in quality “We can rely on SI marked products” We will always respond to such customer’s trust. Over 45 years, we have been developing our skills for your trust and satisfaction. Now, we are introducing various measuring system including certification of ISO 9001 for higher quality


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