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SIAT SpA has been operating for more than 40 years in the field of submerged arc and gas shielded arc welding wires under the PITTARC trademark.


Its synergies with other companies belonging to the Pittini Group have led to the development of latest generation technology and plants for manufacturing high quality products that can meet all market demands, also in the most challenging applications.


Manufacturing processes are permanently controlled in each processing step, from production of raw materials (rods) to finished products.


Pittarc GMAW wires are manufactured from low impurity and gas content wire rods to obtain welding beads with excellent mechanical characteristics and toughness at low temperatures.

The range of products available is suitable for joining carbon and low alloy steels and can be used in a broad spectrum of applications such as medium and heavy frameworks, earthmovers, automotive sector, agriculture, etc. GMAW welding wires are manufactured with diameters ranging from 0.6mm to 1.6 mm and are available in various packaging solutions, such as plastic and steel spools from 5 to 18 kg and drums from 250 to 450 kg.

All wires are available as standard cooper version and copper – free (GREEN – ARC),bronzed (BRONZ – ARC) and high feedability (INNOV – ARC) the latter being the result of Pittarc’s commitment to environmental protection, technological innovation and continuous improvement of its processes.


Submerged arc welding wires have low impurity and gas contents to obtain joints with excellent mechanical characteristics and toughness at low temperatures.

We have available more than 20 different types of wires suitable for joining carbon and low allied steels and can be used in a wide range of applications such in the oil and gas sector, offshore applications, pressure vessels, wind towers, heavy frameworks, etc.

The SAW wires are available in the diameter range from 1,2 mm. to 5,0mm and are available in different packaging solutions from 25 kg. up to over 1.000

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