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Pipe Sniper

We believe in being personnel oriented. That also applies to our range of products.

Eisenblätter offers the highest quality, best workmanship and always provide a leap in innovation. With all new developments in the manufacturing sector, such as the use of our test lab, we can show our strict quality standards to our customers. Your requirements are our motivation. Over 80 copyrights and patents in Germany and internationally protect the unique know-how of Eisenblätter

One of our primary objectives is the safety of the user. We develop and produce products, which allow users to grind, cut and polish safely. 

Nothing is more expensive and dangerous than a cheap product. Our products have a considerably longer service life and short set-up time, customers that intend to buy larger quantities can expect to save many thousands of euros per year.

Eisenblätter Products are "Made in Germany" and manufactured in our modern facilities under strict quality controls. Only products we would buy ourselves are sold by us. 

The loyalty and satisfaction of our customers are a testimony to the advantages of Eisenblätter.

Many large, well-known companies from the car, aviation, train, auto body work, ship and mechanical engineering industries use Eisenblätter products.



    PN 38602
    $2,785.72 / kit

    With the new pipebelt grinder PIPE-SNIPER® the future of pipe treatment has just begun! Up to now workpieces could only be treated step by step us...

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    $2,785.72 / kit