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INE is the story of a great growth. From a small manufacturing business of welding electrodes, established in 1950 in Cittadella, to the great reality of today. A corporation that is competitive in five continents, and that is widely recognized as the landmark for the diversity of its products range, for the quality of its manufactures, services and customer care.

INE’s success has been possible due to its collaboration with TRAFILERIE ITALIA, a vanguard company in Europe with outstanding production capacity, thus strengthening INE’s outreach in the international markets. As a result of INE’s 40 years-experience in internationalization, INE exports 70% of its manufactures throughout the world.

INE’s impressive growth in the past 50 years has always been aimed at enhancing research for technical solutions, designed to ensure customers’ needs.

Today INE continues to carry out research with enthusiasm, competence and effort in order to guarantee high standards of quality.

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