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    PN CR45
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    Manufactured from Poly Carbonate 115 X 135mm

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    $40.63 / each

    This specially designed lens reflects rather than absorbs heat. Gold coating absorbs yellow light, while transmitting the blue light of w...

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    $40.63 / each

The Huntsman® began operations as the Huntsman Welding Shield Company in October 1924 when Franklin Huntsman applied for a U.S. patent for his invention of a locking device that improved the method by which a welding helmet could be held in a raised or lowered position. Since that time, over 70 years ago, the Huntsman® brand has grown to become a standard in the welding helmet industry.

The Company’s name was changed in the 1940’s to the Kedman Company a combination of three names; “K” from Frank Huntsman’s first partner, Robert Kimberlin, “ED” from a newly established partner, Zahnor Edwards; and “MAN” from Frank Huntsman’s own last name. This event marked the beginning of a long and profitable relationship. Zahnor Edwards eventually succeeded his partners in becoming President and C.E.O. of the company.

Today, Huntsman is a division of Jackson Products based out of Belmont Michigan.

Throughout the years, Huntsman has never lost sight of our original commitment to the welding and safety industries.

They currently manufacture a wide variety of helmets and face shields that are sold to users in many parts of the world through a network or high-qualified dealers and distributors. The Huntsman line features helmets in a range of style and contours, with vulcanized fibers, thermoplastic, or fiberglass shells, especially designed for modern welding techniques and safety specifications. Today’s products are lighter weight and stronger due to all nylon construction: and, our patented Zahnlok® headgear adjustment system continues to be the best technique available to ensure a comfortable fit for the user.

Although the company has consistently grown to meet expanding business opportunities they have maintained their dedication to quality and service. While many processes are now automated to meet the demands of higher volume production, personal attention to detail is still a primary consideration in a quality control and customer support.

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