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    PN P70-3065204
    $15.00 / each

    $15.00 / each

    PN P40-1507
    $63.52 /pack of 2
    $31.76 / each

    $63.52 /pack of 2
    $31.76 / each
    pack of 2

The CEBORA brand is a well recognised name in the welding field, both in the domestic market and in several foreign markets and international sales is an important part of our business. Early ‘80s, CEBORA takes over the company Special Car, manufacturer of MIG welding machines of advanced technology.

It is the start of a new period of growth and of research of new products, all destined to be a remarkable international success. In 1984, the CEBORA Technical Department, with its strong team of skilled and motivated technicians, invents the first portable MIG/MAG welding machine (Pocket MIG), which is an immediate and extraordinary sales success, both in Europe and in the USA.

It is then the turn of the plasma cutting machines - sector where CEBORA immediately takes the position of European leader. The company studies and develops not only the power source but also the cutting torch and the relevant consumables, thus obtaining a perfect system balance which is absolutely essential in this kind of product. In 1986 CEBORA presents the revolutionary Plasma Pocket, a portable power source for cutting any kind of metal, with a 4mm thickness cutting capacity: it is another big worldwide sales success.

With the coming of inverter technology, CEBORA introduces a new range of technologically advanced power sources. They feature reduced power consumption, with low weights and small dimensions.

Since 2000, CEBORA has progressively reduced the production of power sources with a more elementary technology, such as the AC MMA welding machines. Directing efforts in research and development towards higher and higher technology sectors, such as automation, with robotics systems for MIG, TIG and Plasma Welding, creating products that quickly won the confidence of system integrators and of the worldwide leading robot manufacturers.

From 2005, CEBORA’s plasma cutting line has been enhanced by the new Plasma HQC range developed for high definition cutting on pantographs with automated control and on robots.  Thanks to a study carried out in collaboration with the University of Bologna, CEBORA placed itself at the forefront of this sector. This was achieved by offering power sources with extraordinary cutting performance, along with a remarkable service life of the torch consumables. In addition substantial gas savings are made when compared to other power sources already existing in the market.

In the year 2014, with a view to further strengthen its presence in the strategical sector of Automation and Robotics, market in continuous growth, CEBORA turned itself into a group, by acquiring the company GEFRA Automazione s.r.l., a System Integrator with great experience and with a qualified staff including highly skilled engineers specializing in the automation of the manufacturing processes. The synergy between the companies of the group allows today CEBORA to present itself to the market with a complete and rich offer of high quality.

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