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Castolin Eutectic


    PN 45351
    Castolin Eutectic
    $728.85 /15kg Roll
    $48.59 / kg

    CastoMag 45351 Solid-wire, gas-shielded continuous electrode for anti-wear protective coatings on parts subjected to pressure, abrasion a...

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    $728.85 /15kg Roll
    $48.59 / kg
    15kg Roll

Castolin Eutectic is a worldwide leader of application solutions in maintenance, repair and wear protection. Eutectic Castolin has than 100 years of experience in welding, brazing and thermal spraying technologies stand for professional and innovative solutions. Castolin Eutectic is a great partner for industrial expertise in surface protection, repair and joining solutions.

Eutectic Castolin are set on helping you to improve the lifetime of machinery and equipment, to save resources, and to provide solutions for your needs.

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