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Burrs & Files

Carbide Burrs  -  Also known as tungsten burrs, are designed for machining materials of virtually any strength. They are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards. The broad product range offers the best tool solution for every application. Outstanding quality, long tool life and large metal removal rates allow QWS to keep up with the economical changes with the use of many common abrasives such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. They also work well on exotic metals such as titanium, hardox, duplex, super duplex, Inconel and corten metals, and non-metallic materials such as wood, timber plastic etc. A precise tool for diverse materials and perfect finish / results.  With a huge range of various finishes, our product offering has many surface finishing tools available for beginners or professionals.  Looking for a rough edge or smooth surface for any manufacturing or repair task – contact us today to discuss your needs with industry experts. Safety is key when running small sharp cutting tools at high speeds in die grinders and drills, as small metallic particles can cause serious injury. See our range of our safety products here.


HAND FILES  -  Produced in world renowned factories and to exacting standards – the range of files is ‘second to none’. Many decades of experience has been a driving force to developing high standard of workmanship on every product produced and sold throughout Australia. Made in many shapes and lengths, the file can be supplied in square, round half round, ½ round, moon shape, and many other popular shapes for industry specific projects and tasks such as pipe bevel shaping and deburring through to chain saw files.  If you can’t find the file you are looking for – contact us today and we can step you through a sharp list of tools to suit any filing application.


WIRE HAND BRUSHES  -  A welder’s tool kit always has a wire brush handy.  With general cleaning before welding and also after welding, the traditional timber or plastic handles of this brush range are here to stay.  Removing mild amounts of mill scale and oxidizations from the surface of the metal before welding is always well appointed, as mainly in aluminium the surface of the ally is only clean for a maximum of 3minutes before it should be welded.  Think this is a little extreme…..try it for yourself. Try welding some aluminium that has been cleaned with a short time of being cleaned with a wire brush, and also weld some aluminium after 10minutes of being cleaned – then look through a microscope to see the difference. Are you surprized?


WIRE WHEELS & BRUSHES FOR ANGLE GRINDERS  - The ever popular industry standard cup brushes to the industrial bevel wheels using the mild steel or stainless wire for both straight and crimped wire applications – QWS has a massive range to suit a multitude of industries and metals. Running a crimped wire wheel to give an even more aggressive finish to help speed up production within a welding workshop – the spinning wire brush range will cut many hours of hard work out of cleaning up rust, deburring, removing paint and general pre and post welding applications. Threaded nuts on the top of the cup wheels to mount on most grinders using M14 or M10 threads – still a very sturdy choice for safe operation of rotating tools.




    PN SF-5DC
    $81.06 / each

    The Alpha tree Radius Burrs have CNC precision-ground flutes for repeatability, chatter-free operation and longer life, Sectional fluting enables b...

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    $81.06 / each