Do you need a TIG welding machine for a short period of time? Or you just need it for a specific welding job? Are you stuck in the middle of buying or hiring and can’t decide which? QWS has solutions to all welding requirements.

As most professionals would recommend or the rule of thumb, if utilization rates exceeds 60%-70% consider owning the equipment but if it's below the 60% utilization it'll be better to hire the welding equipment rather than owning one.

Knowledge in the welding industry takes years of experience, it’s a combination of failure and success, trial and error and a whole lot of skills, training, patience and perseverance, these skills are developed over time, individually evaluated and carefully given a solution.

Have you ever wondered who are the trusted professionals for welding machine hire?

QWS Welding Supply Solutions IS your SOLUTION with over 40 years of experience dealing with hire of welding equipment across Australia and with large selection of high quality welding machines and rotating equipment including welding positioners and turn tables - you can be rest assured that QWS will exceed your expectations and put quality equipment in the hands of welders, to help them in all industries to become more efficient, productive and profitable. In carrying out our vision, we adopt a personal approach to clients — taking a real and active interest in your business and helping you to find more economical and practical ways to get your welding jobs completed on time, this means that we will help you decide what would be best for you according to your requirements. 

QWS offers high performance digital welding equipment for hire including large brand names such as Fronius, Weldmax, Miller, Lincoln and Kemppi; furthermore we bring it to you at some of the lowest prices nationwide and can be supplied with the spare parts kits to prevent any downtime or supply issues you may be currently faced with.

When you hire a tig welder you also get the chance to “Try before you buy “- if you are thinking of buying a new welder but not sure what is the best fit for your business or budget, try it before you buy it. Renting welding machines is a great way to fully test a machine in your own workshop application without a restricted test period or test environment. QWS has many Pulse TIG welders available for rent at short notice for short or long term hire. Contact us to see the full listings of available TIG welders.... as not all TIG welder hire machines are shown on this page at present.