Looking for a Stud Welder?

If you are stuck between deciding whether to acquire a brand new or a used stud welding machine due to overwhelming information about product features and technology given all at the same time, when you’re in a situation where the salesman only takes you further from making a decision

Worry no more…QWS has the right solution for you!

Work overload? Cash flow strapped? Short term workload? Can’t Justify New? Whatever the reason that stops you on buying a stud welder, HIRE or RENTAL is the perfect solution.


Why HIRE/RENT a Stud welder?

  • It gives you the advantage to try out how the machines work until you get the hang of it and of course you get that advantage to send it back if it does not meet your requirements, this is the best option for you if you are hesitant to invest right away on a brand new stud welder. With pressure on companies to increase productivity and efficiency, contractors constantly analyze what it takes to set them apart from the competition, this means taking a much closer look at equipment costs and needs before the next bid. Rental companies and welding supply distributors are well aware, and they want to make it easy to do business with, which is why a lot of Industrial supply companies offer rental, rent-to-own, outright purchase or even lease options.


Why QWS Welding Supply Solutions?

  • Great range of welders
  • Flexible and fast approach
  • Short, medium and long-term hire/rental options
  • Stand down rates available
  • Free on-site training


Whether your stud welding machine is being serviced or you’ve hit a peak period of business, call on QWS to discuss your needs.

We understand that every project or task is different; this is why we only recommend the welding equipment in accordance to the job at hand.

With our wide range of stock and our knowledgeable and skilled team you can get your job back on track in no time.


The whole procedure can lead you to a series of confusion which could result in a bad decision, so why spend precious time and endure so much frustration? let us save you from all the hassles of this situation, QWS gives the best offer on HIRING/RENTING the best equipment with the latest technology plus it gives you the options for renting or owning equipment. Contact us today and we’ll discuss the options available for you.


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