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Experience seamless operation, improved welders’ productivity & achieve production efficiency with QWS Welding Supply’s high-quality DRUM FEEDING & TORCH HOLDERS.

Smoother wire feeding leads to a smoother welding operation, welders at most take inconvenience for granted, they have considered inconvenience as a part of the set-up and for some they never questioned it, some activities within the welding cell aren't questioned very often. Consider wire feeding. Few ask if the wire could be fed more efficiently. But wire feeding problems often can cause significant downtime. Such problems can emerge, ironically, as workers become better welders.

Wire is dispensed in various ways depending on how the wire is packaged—be it on spools, reels, or drums—and poor, improper setup can create problems and, ultimately, significant waste. Cumbersome wire changes may add unnecessary minutes to the operation. Every time a wire bird nests, the welding operation can stop for 10 to 15 minutes, or even more.

Torch holders, in their own way plays a major part in the MIG/TIG process, it is a great tool for holding hot torches and preventing damage, no more falling off the table and it keeps your work area neat giving you more space and smoother flow of operation.

QWS offers a range of MIG/TIG DRUM FEEDING & TORCH HOLDERS that could help you achieve efficiency in your production. We have brands like FRONIUS & WIRE WIZARD to mention a few and our line includes but not limited to DRUM HOODS, WITCHES HAT FOR BALLPAC, QUICK DISCONNECT and many more…

Did not find what you’re looking for? We have more than what is included in the above list, contact us to receive the complete list of our DRUM FEEDING & TORCH HOLDERS.

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