Weld Cleaning Machines

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The Ensitech TIG Brush® Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System is an easy-to-use, mobile portable kit which cleans stainless steel welds and restores stainless steel surfaces quickly, safely efficiently and cost-effectively. The system uses a unique electro-chemical process, combining low-toxicity acids and fluids with a patented power supply and brush design to produce excellent results.

It provides one-step cleaning and passivation process on stainless steel which is tested to international standards, requires minimal user operational training, and gives welders and fabricators complete control over the surface finishing of their work piece. In most applications, the TIG Brush eliminates the need for the highly toxic and hazardous acids such as pickling paste which is made from Hydrofluoric and Nitric acids in gel form that were traditionally used for cleaning welding marks in the heat affected zones from stainless steel.

The TIG Brush Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System has revolutionised weld cleaning and surface finishing for stainless fabrication, enabling users to carry out the previously difficult tasks of weld cleaning and surface finishing economically and without risk to the environment.

Using weld cleaning machines to perform these tasks reduces the risk of chemical skin burns and other safety issues within the welding industry, as these Tigbrush and Cougatron machines use a diluted phosphoric acid mix which can be tolerated on the skin for a short period of time. Weld brush technology in this area have been a highly effective method, given that the brush is mainly used to transfer the acid and the power to the welding job without marking the surface.

More recent updates in the weld cleaning industry have seen the successful launch of pre-welding Aluminium cleaning processes and also surface marking methods that enable etching or engraving type details can be used without the use of a laser engraver. These etching & marking kits use a special type of high temperature 'foil' which transfers your laser sharp designs into a perfectly shaped etch on stainless steel. Artwork will need to be provided to us, as the foils are custom made to order.

Etching and laser quality markings are a perfect solution for engraving serial numbers, specification plates, your company branding or marketing brand, unique codes and numbers required for operational efficiencies. So far we have seen these engravings used extensively in the medical industry where sterilisation is used on a daily basis as the etching is not affected from sterilization.

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