Brazing Alloys and Brazing Flux


Are you in search for better welding consumable?  Quality brazing alloys & flux with affordable pricing?

If you are - then you are in the right place, QWS has it all for you…we don’t just offer a wide range of consumables for brazing we also make sure that you get cost-effective products with the highest quality.


Focusing on Quality & Worthy Solutions

Quality of consumables plays a critical role in welding processes and can impact productivity, costs and weld quality. Many factors influence the selection of consumables, including the application at hand, available budget and more. Choosing the right brazing alloys and flux could differ depending on situations but mostly to save money since high quality consumables cost more than lower-quality consumables. Some may not see the difference between the two and would just choose the cheaper ones not knowing that the high-quality products can provide long-term benefits and savings. This means that the upfront cost of the product is not the whole picture here, quality consumables provides the longest life, which help replacement cost and minimize downtime resulting to improved productivity and higher profitability. They also reduce post weld clean-up saving you time and money. The design, manufacturing process, and materials all influence the performance of these components.


QWS Welding Supply Solutions offers an extensive range of aluminium, bronze, cast iron, nickel, silver and copper brazing alloys, as well as flux to suit your welding applications. We have brands like Harris, Cigweld and many more that you can choose from. Buy your aluminium, bronze, cast iron, nickel, silver, copper alloys and fluxes online from QWS today.


Why QWS?

At QWS we are proud of our reputation, built over 40 years of providing reliable and trusted WELDING SUPPLY SOLUTIONS, We have become Australia’s single source solution provider to the welding industry and continue to dedicate ourselves in fulfilling our vision “TO PUT QUALITY EQUIPMENT IN THE HANDS OF WELDERS, TO HELP THEM IN ALL INDUSTRIES TO BECOME MORE EFFICIENT, PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE” We act with honesty and nurture strong relationships from large public companies to private customers, ensuring we have an understanding of every client’s needs and always aim to exceed their expectations.


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