Stud welding consumables - DA (Drawn Arc), CD (Capacitor Discharge)



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CD STUDS - for use on Capacitor Discharge studwelding machines

Our range of CD weld studs includes mild steel and stainless steel studs, pure aluminium and aluminium alloy studs, and lead-free brass studs. Many of our CD weld studs are available in threaded, unthreaded, and internally threaded designs, making them suitable for various welding or bolting applications.

Aside from weld studs, we also offer many other key fixings and fastenings for the CD stud welding process: you can also find tapped bosses, CD plain pins, earth tags, and CD insulation nails in our catalogue, available in each metal material. Our CD stud welding accessories are suitable for use with a range of materials, including steel (low carbon and high carbon; stainless steel; zinc coated steel; electro-galvanised steel; hot rolled structural steel), aluminium (pure or alloy), brass, and copper. The right choice of CD stud depends on the materials you are using; QWS can assist you on choosing the right one suitable for the application and materials used.


DA STUDS - for use on Drawn Arc studwelding machines

Our DA weld studs are of the highest quality, readily available in mild steel and stainless steel, as well as other materials upon request. High-grade studs lead to high production operations and less downtime for machines either on manual or automated stud welding processes.

We also have our standard low carbon content mild steel and stainless steel available. We can also provide heat resistant steels and non-ferrous aluminium studs up to 12mm diameter as special requests. Our standard studs come with a luminous finish, but we can provide numerous other finishes, including zinc, copper and nickel plated.

As Drawn Arc stud welding has a greater operating range as compared to CD stud welding, it is suitable to use headed, threaded or turned studs of many shapes and sizes or custom designs. We offer both turned and headed studs as standard, depending on the quantity and material required for manufacturing. All the DA studs we offer comes with ceramic ferrules, as these are essential to the Drawn Arc process where shielding gas is not being used.



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