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Optimize your welding performance with QWS Welding Supply’s high quality and heavy-duty TIG TORCHES.

During tough times our initial instinct to save money is to buy cheap, that’s not always the best solution to make, especially when you are looking at getting a new TIG torch.

The differences between a high quality and low quality torch may not be obviously visible but the materials used in manufacturing it and the production process has a huge difference, that is why quality torches last longer, run cooler, provide a stable arc, and offer an overall improved weld quality.

A high quality TIG torch is made with leaded nickel copper, not the more common tellurium copper, which is less durable. In other words, on a leaded nickel copper torch the torch body threads will last longer, and the collets won't buckle and twist when you thread them onto the torch. Leaded nickel copper is also a better conductor, so you'll get the amperage you paid for.

Silicone rubber, rather than a phenolic compound, is best for the insulation material of the torch body, but the quality of that may be variable, too, from heat tolerance of the material to how well the body is bonded to the copper innards of the torch. A quality manufacturer will use high-dielectric silicone rubber that can tolerate high voltages and is not susceptible to cracking if dropped.

Gaskets are made of Teflon, you’d think all Teflon is created equal, but it's not. A high-quality torch has a high-performance, glass-filled Teflon material that has a much longer life span and higher heat tolerance than "regular" Teflon.

Some torches have handles made from non-reinforced material that may crack and split or have sharp edges that can cut the hose. Also, sometimes the torch handle is not long enough to properly insulate the high-frequency current of the TIG process. Other manufacturing quality issues include industry-standard cables and hoses that just don't fit properly, which can affect gas and water flow.

Choose your TIG TORCH wisely, QWS offers an extensive range of TIG TORCHES from the industry’s most reliable brands, such as BINZEL, CIGWELD, FRONIUS, KEMPPI, LINCOLN, MILLER, TIGMASTER, TRAFIMET, TBI INDUSTRIES & UNIMIG to mention a few. You can check our range in here TORCHES - TIG and choose the right TIG TORCH for you.

Did not find what you’re looking for? We have more than what is included on the above list, contact us to receive the complete list of our TIG TORCHES.

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