Anti-Spatter Products and Dips

Effectively reduce welding spatter with QWS Welding Supply’s ANTI-SPATTER PRODUCTS & DIPS, We have an extensive range of anti-spatter and nozzle dips to help you reduce or minimize those weld spatters, we have ANTI-SPATTER AEROSOL SPRAY CAN from UNIMIG, TBI INDUSTRIES, WELD-AID, WUREX, S-WELD, AERODAG, and ANTI-SPATTER LIQUID from WELDMAX, BOSSWELD, CALGUARD, PROTEC, ROBOLIN and many more… we also supply CALGUARD NOZZLE DIP GEL, BINZEL NOZZLE DIP, PROTEC VALVE SPRAY NOZZLE to protect your nozzle from getting blocked-up.

Welding Spatter, does it matter?

Welding spatter are tiny pieces of molten metal and other weld contaminants that jump away from the weld pool in the form of small hot globules.

These globules then impact and stick onto cold surfaces, the base metal you’re welding, your welding table and any surrounding it. It can even get into your workshop or garage.

It is worth spending time working out what causes excessive spatter when you’re welding because;

  • Spatter will stick to your weld project and to your MIG gun, defacing them.
  • Spatter will do its best to stick to you. It will go onto your head, the back of your neck, your hair, arms and into places you didn't even think you had places and when spatter gets there those hot pretty little molten globes will burn off your hair, skin and set fire to any of your clothing that isn't fire resistant. It is a reason why the better makes of weld clothing have no pockets on the outside. Spatter just loves pockets.
  • Spatter can ruin the finish of your weld project piece by pitting and scratching up the surface
  • Spatter will have you spending precious time perfecting your grinding and chiselling skills getting the spatter off.
  • Spatter will stick to your MIG gun nozzle filling it up with spatter. Which can cause gas flow issues, meaning your shielding can't work to protect your weld properly. Spatter sticking to your MIG nozzle can also cause wire feed issues. Both these situations can lead to porous and failed welds.
  • Spatter will stick to your contact tip, causing wire feed issues and wearing out your contact tip faster.
  • All those pieces of spatter are molten bits of metal. Metal from your welding wire that is supposed to be your filler metal and that metal is not going into your weld where is should be. Those dollars you spent on good welding wire is spread around your work area and shop causing you grief cleaning it up.

Of course it matters big time, imagine spending precious time on post-weld clean-ups, wasting consumables, grinding, chiselling etc... If that wasted time can be converted to a more productive task then you could increase efficiency and profitability in your company.

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