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Producing a high-quality MIG weld could be an easy task, but creating a high-quality MIG weld when your gun and consumables aren’t functioning well is just about impossible. Porosity, excessive spatter, undercut and burn back are just few of the problems that can occur when something’s not right with these components. Troubleshooting weld defects can be a difficult task, since any single problem can be caused by a variety of factors. Adding Anti-spatter to the job before welding is one option to reduce clean up and grinding, but that is only finding a cure, not fixing the cause of why the spatter is occuring.

It is easier to conduct a thorough check of your MIG gun, Shielding Gas, Spare Parts and Welding Consumables prior to welding to prevent weld defects from occurring than to troubleshoot an existing issue. Problems will inevitably occur; However, Identifying the source of the problem quickly and accurately can save you both money and frustration.

  • Faulty wire delivery related to equipment set-up and maintenance


  1. Contact Tip - There is a tendency among operators to use oversized tips, which can lead to contact problems, inconsistencies in the arc, porosity and poor bead shape.


  1. Gun Liner - A gun liner, like the contact tip, must be sized to the wire being fed through it. It also needs to be cleaned or replaced when wire is not being fed smoothly.


  1. Worn Out Gun - Inside the gun are very fine strands of copper wire that will eventually break and wear out with time.


  1. Drive Roll - Drive rolls on the wire feeder periodically wear out and need to be replaced.


    5. Wire Coming Off Reel and Tangling - Some wire feeding problems occur because the inertia from          the wire reel causes it to coast after the gun trigger is released.

Above are just few of the common problems with MIG Welding that could be prevented with proper application of welding processes and by selecting high quality WIRE FEEDER & MACHINE SPARES.

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